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Unique Pizza

Unique Pizza

Classic Slice
Across town, Classic Slice (www.theclassicslice.com) built its reputation not on the beers or wines it offers by the glass, but on the plethora of offerings for vegans, gluten intolerant and meat-loving, wheat-loving, caseophiles (cheese lovers). And, when it opened in 2007, it was the first New York-styled joint in town. “I had traveled a lot when I got out of college, and when I returned home, one of the things I noticed we were missing was a place where you could go by yourself and get just a slice,” says owner Marissa Lange.

The pizzas at Classic Slice are big — the extra large boxes are hard to fit in your car’s back seat (especially if you drive a Prius). Toppings range from vegan sausage and tofu to ham and homemade meatballs and practically every type of veggie you’d ever want on a pie. My personal favorite is the Popeye — a spinach, bacon and ricotta concoction that’s craveable. “That pizza was inspired by one of my favorite brunch items at Meritage — an eggs Benedict but with creamed spinach, bacon and biscuits,” Lange says. “I thought ‘There has to be a way to make that on a pizza.’”

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